News & Specials

WE are so excited!  The Tripollar is here!  Getting great results.  The special this month is start the TRIPOLLAR
-and the skin care line is 1/2 price,  WOW!!  that’s a great  deal!   Just call 567-3355 or 561-0036  and if no one answers please leave your name and phone number and  your call will   be  answered the same day.  
Again, the Tripollar results are astonishing   and they will  be for you! just pick up the phone and call for your FREE CONSULTATION!  It”s swimsuit and shorts weather soon and if you have CELLULITE the Tripollar  does a world of difference in this area.  Call to get your consultation (FREE)   .and this also can be donebefore the hot weather comes.