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Christmas Specials!

Hair Removal Special

Men: Abs & Chest Special, $99.00 for first Visit

Women: Bikini Line, Lip, Under Arm or Chin

Combine Any Two for Only $99.

Tripollar (Used to decrease Cellulite on Arms, legs, buttocks, & abdomen. Excellent results!)

Sessions Regular Starting at $175.00

Book Three Sessions receive $50.00 off first session

Spider Vein Therapy or Rosacea Veins on Face

$50.00 off first Treatment

OxyGeneo Super Facial

Regular $175.00

Special, $124.99


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I have severe acne scars & sebaceous cysts  on my chest and back. I wouldn’t take my tshirt off in the summer because I was so broke out; and not just with pimples and blackheads but big sebaceous cysts. Since going Timeless beauty,  my has completely cleared in 4 sessions, & my back had sebaceous cysts scars and new ones breaking out.  With the Product line, a course of treatment for recurring cysts, and of course the skin rejuvenation there is 50-60% change in the look of my back, The amount of of breakouts  have diminished significantly.  Probably 60-70% improvement from before  I’ve  learned how to treat my skin pimple or cyst before they get out of hand.   I am very pleased with the progress. I can’t wait ’til the next 4 weeks come and see what they show.  Thank you DawnMarie                          Ryan C.


PLEASE  follow us on Facebook for up to date informationfacebook symbol, pictures and contest at Timeless Beauty Laser & Anti-Aging Solutions. There are always new and exciting contests going on,  The Month of April TRIPOLLAR treatments will be $149.99.  This is a great deal and just to remind you what the TriPollar does :  it decreases fat where those love handles are,  decreases then tightens the fat on your belly, it can tighten skin on the face: you ca n look 10 to 15 years younger just to name a few places you can decrease fat with the TriPollar and the neck that once waddled and wang;   you can hold your head high with feeling of pride once again and not embarrassment.. these are just some of the things done at Timeless Beauty so browse through our website on all the things that are done at:  TIMELESS  BEAUTY  LASER &  ANTI – AGING  SOLUTIONS  .COM      There is something  there for everyone who likes to be pampered & improve their features and we’ll be happy to serve you.  Don’t forget to ask about our”3-IN-1 ”  SUPER FACIAL.  It will change what you think a facial should be!!